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Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating of San Antonio is your #1 contractor to choose for repair, install and maintenance of existing and new construction asphalt driveways and parking lots. Our customers throughout San Antonio TX area count on us for dependable and cost effective paving and sealing services. We are straight forward... Great prices, quality work!

About Our Driveway and Parking Lot Services

Asphalt Paving & Sealing of San Antonio is a locally owned and operated company whose owner in heavily involved in day to day operations and delivery process.  We take great pride in our work and responsibilities to the customer because our reputation is on the line with every residential and commercial project we take on, it’s not just about liability.  We build long-lasting relationships with our customers, many of whom turn into return customers. Those who hire our crew trust us to take care of their property, and we most certainly value that trust and want everyone to feel comfortable referring us to their friends and family.

Rest assured that our company is the best choice for your paving and sealcoating needs.  We are properly licensed and insured for your (and our) protection as well as peace of mind.  We look forward to serving you.

Do you own a home or manage a company in San Antonio, TX or it’s surrounding area? If you have decided to spend the money on the investment of installing a driveway or parking lot, you might want to take a few things into consideration before beginning. It might be difficult to decide between paving your driveway or parking lot with blacktop or cement, and this decision can really be a bit daunting, specifically when you are not well read up on HOW best to get the job done.

It’s extremely important to consider things like weather and especially the Summer heat. San Antonio does get very hot, but we also get to feel just about every season during an average year. Most commercial and even residential paving contractors recommend asphalt paved parking lots for colder climates and concrete for warmer ones, but with places that experience all four seasons, like us, it’s clearly beneficial to go with a budget, maintenance and environment friendlier option: which is Asphalt!

Paving Services

Our company utilizes top notch materials to pave and resurface and ensures a long lasting, crack-free pavement here in San Antonio.  

Residential & Commercial

Our projects range from small to huge and we do them all. If you’re unsure about the size of yours, simply reach our and well let you know

Sealing & Striping

New pavement is great, but maintenance and timely sealcoating is just as important. Rejuvinate your asphalt for it to last many more years.

Unlike cement, asphalt might be the better choice for your next project and here are a few reasons why. Asphalt is NOT susceptible to frost, expansion and contraction. These types of things can end up costing you a ton in repair and resurfacing/overlay expenses. Asphalt Paving is NOT prone to breaking down when exposed to salt. Asphalt Paving is an excellent choice as a material that absorbs heat from the sun, keeping the surface warm and aiding in the deterrent of any icing over it “may” experience in a weird winter here in San Antonio! Even in January when temps can dip well below 40 degrees, you don’t want to find your driveway or parking lot slippery over from moisture that’s left over after it rained.

Asphalt Paving, Sealcoating, Parking Lot Striping, Repair

Materials like asphalt can be made of porous components, to aid in water drainage. With San Antonio being an area that might see a lot of rainfall in a season, it is a smart idea to go with a material that will ensure you the least amount of problems.

Another excellent thing to consider when working with asphalt is the ease in preparation and laying it. It is so much easier to work with than Concrete ever is and the process of installation can be done in far less time. Maintenance of Asphalt Paving is made simpler because you basically only ever have to repair the top layer, on an as needed basis. The middle and lower layers are pretty much permanent, unless you are doing a total renovation of the area and completely getting rid of the surface. It is this factor alone that makes many consumers choose asphalt over concrete, simply because the cost over its lifetime is more affordable.

Why Choose Our Company

Everyone who works at Asphalt Paving & Sealing of San Antonio has at the very least 5 years experience in the industry, working with a wide variety of equipment and dealing with complex processes.  Our crew knows how the ins and outs of the pavement industry, and we’ll be more that happy to demonstrate that when providing you with a free estimate. All you have to do is reach out and schedule a time for our of our experts to come out and quote the work.



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Sealcoating is the process of choice used to protect your investment! When applying a protective coating over your driveway or parking lot, you are prolonging the life of that surface by shielding it from the average elements we often experience here in San Antonio.

Nature has a way of wreaking havoc when it wants and things such as UV rays and water or man made elements such as vehicle oils are things that can damage the surface, which will end up costing you MORE time and money over the life of that surface, if you don’t properly protect it. When you take the time to sealcoat your costly project, you are taking that extra step to “insure” that that surface will last much longer than if you hadn’t. 

While this idea has not been widely researched, it is a common step that many companies will perform, just to “err on the side of caution.” After all, you can’t really put a price tag on peace of mind.

asphalt paving san antonio tx
Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating of San Antonio
asphalt driveway paving san antonio tx

It is also a common truth that not all asphalt sealants are created equally. But as a consumer, how do you know which one is the best choice for you? Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Generally speaking, Asphalt-based sealers offer poor protection against climate changes and typically last about 1-3 years, once they’ve been applied to the surface. This probably isn’t the smartest choice for protecting your costly surface here in San Antonio. Tar-based sealers off the strongest protections against all things “environment.”

These sealers usually tend to last around 3-5 years. Now, Petroleum-based sealers are also good to protect against water and harmful chemicals. These sealers are a good mix of what Asphalt-based and Tar-based offer and, when applied properly, they tend to last 2-4 years, prolonging the life of that surface that much longer. Not too shabby!

Understandably, earth friendly consumers are not fond of the use of products that hurt the environment. (No one really wants to destroy the planet, on purpose.) Be aware that SOME sealcoats are made with materials that are not always made from the best or most earth-conscious material. Some of these sealcoats, when exposed to water, create a chemical that is toxic. Most of these harmful sealcoats are made with coal. This “substance” has the tendency to feed into streams and wildlife and it breaks down the environment through pollution. Our water sources are then compromised and this contaminant ends up killing off wildlife. Knowing this, some cities, and even entire states, have banned the use of any tar-based sealants from being sold on the market or from even being an option for purchase. Be sure to check around before you make your final decision on your DIY project and find out before you apply your sealcoat that the mixture you choose isn’t banned because of any of the ingredients in it. Most businesses, if you choose to hire out the work, will be aware of city and state codes.

When you settle in on your choice of sealcoat, be ensure that the surface is 100% clean and dry. If either of these are not the case, then the mixture will not stay on the surface of your pavement and you will have to do the entire process all over again. Sealers are usually applied with either a pressure-type sprayer or they are applied by hand. The equipment must also ensure that there is a constant agitation while it’s being applied, to ensure that you maintain an EVEN sealcoat mix. The entire process takes about 48 hours to do, from start to finish, allowing ample time to “set” before you can safely drive over the surface.

When you take the necessary steps and spend the time to protect your investment, you can feel better knowing that it will last longer than it might have without using any sort of protectant in your surface.

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